养一只宠物是你能拥有的最有益的经历之一. 把需要帮助的动物暂时带回家,你是:

  • 在收容所里腾出一块地方给另一只动物.
  • 给你的养子足够的时间让他准备好被收养.
  • 帮助APS了解更多关于寄养家庭的信息这样他就能在最好的家庭生活了.
  • Socializing the foster to a home environment and possibly getting him used to being around other pets and different types of people.


APS tries to put dogs and cats into foster homes after they have spent several weeks or months at the shelter without being adopted. 这使他们从收容所生活和特别的收养促进中解脱出来, 同时为另一种动物提供空间. 另外, the foster volunteer has the opportunity to work with their foster to help increase their chances of being happy in their new home.

除了日常的护理(喂食), 梳理, 练习), the responsibilities of a foster home may include basic training; behavior modification (to correct problems such as jumping, 怪脸, 吠叫, 破坏性咀嚼, dashing through doors); socialization and temperament evaluation (to determine whether the dog is good with different types of people and other animals); medical care (dispensing medication, 带狗去看兽医), 当然还有很多玩耍和依偎的时间.

Some foster cats and dogs are adopted quickly and may only stay in their foster home for a few weeks, while others may be around for several months until they find their perfect forever home. APS will work with your specific needs to provide you with a foster that best suits your home (i.e. 如果你有孩子,其他宠物,院子里有围栏等.). 2022世界杯下注也会为您提供信息和支持, 板条箱, 碗, 皮带, 医学, 垃圾盒, 玩具, 等.

成年猫和更大的小猫,他们的小, fluff-ball stage are most in need of foster homes – especially black cats who are notoriously the hardest shelter animal to find homes for. These adults and older kittens who have been at the shelter for two or more months are very often passed by as adopters choose tiny kittens and cats who stand out with bright, 彩色的外套. In a foster home these felines can get all the attention they deserve and a special advocate to tell adopters how amazing they are!

中、大、青春期的狗是寄养家庭的首选. They may be overlooked at the shelter because they are too big, unruly, or ordinary-looking. They are past the adorable puppy stage, but still have plenty of puppy energy that needs an outlet. 给足够的时间, 以及一些基础训练, 这些狗现在有更好的机会找到永久的, 爱的家园.


There is great need for kitten foster homes during “kitten season” (usually early spring-summer), ,偶尔, we have young puppies in the shelter who need a few weeks of foster care until they’re old enough for spay/neuter surgery.



寄养父母通过在收容所悬挂海报来帮助寻找家庭, 工作场所, and pet supply stores; attending adoption events; posting the cat or dog’s picture on websites; writing blogs; making videos; and simply spreading the word about their foster to anyone who will listen. Prospective adopters will have the opportunity to come and meet the animal in a home setting.


领养宠物似乎是一项艰巨的任务, 但这是一种非常切实的方式来改变现状. 每个人都受益:寄养志愿者可以花时间与一个特殊的寄养, 这个庇护所为另一种动物提供了空间. The foster gets a break from shelter life and a second chance at becoming a cherished pet. 新主人得到了一个更好地适应家庭生活的伴侣, 因此有更好的机会永久留在新家.


福斯特ing requires a significant amount of time and dedication to providing a happy, 安全, 和健康的环境. 福斯特ing can require an extra 1-3 hours per day that will have to fit into your schedule (walking/exercising, 喂养, 玩, 培训和拥抱, 促进, 等.). 2022世界杯下注的许多志愿者都是全职和寄养的,所以这当然是可能的! 然而, 如果你还没有准备好每天花至少1-3个小时在一只新的猫或狗身上, 寄养可能不适合你. Introducing a foster to your household (both 2 and 4 legged family members) can be a challenge and takes time and patience to fully acclimate. 如果有任何问题,APS将帮助您解决它们! 如果寄养对你来说太难了,请参阅2022世界杯下注志愿页面在这里 很多其他类型的志愿者机会.

If you are interested in being an APS 福斯特 Home, please contact the 福斯特 Coordinator at foster@petbloggermall.com. 该应用程序可在上面下载.

不能无限期地培养? 做一个周末/晚上的寄养家庭!

许多人可能因为日程安排而无法养宠物, 生活状况, 或两个, 但也许你今天想“借”一只狗, 去远足, 在公园里散步, 或者只是玩玩! 借2022世界杯下注的APS狗一个晚上,一个周末,或只是几个小时!

虽然你不需要成为APS的志愿者来成为一个常规的寄养, you must be a trained APS dog walking volunteer to participate in weekend fostering. You will sign up first for a general orientation, then you will come back for dog volunteer training. 你一定很熟悉2022世界杯下注的政策, 在2022世界杯下注不对外开放的几小时内,进入避难所的通道, 知道把狗从狗窝里弄出来再放回去的程序.

有关志愿服务的信息, 点击这里 或发邮件给志愿者经理volunteer@petbloggermall.com.


A 来自亚利桑那州立大学2017年的研究 发现“过夜项目”和类似的培养项目, 在那里,动物们可以离开收容所,哪怕只有一两天, 降低压力水平. 丽莎·冈特, a doctoral candidate studying behavioral neuroscience at the Canine Science Collaboratory in the Department of Psychology, 开始这个项目:

有趣, people who took a dog home for a sleepover reported that after the dog settled down, 它会立刻长眠.

睡眠是他们幸福的潜在组成部分吗?”甘特说. “良好的、不受打扰的睡眠也对他们有益. 这可能是2022世界杯下注看到皮质醇减少的一种机制. 狗狗们睡了个好觉. That’s something they can’t get at the shelter because they have a lot of noisy neighbors.”

狗是由收容所的工作人员挑选的, 优先照顾那些最需要帮助的人, and taking into consideration the location and activities you have planned for your day foster.


  • 非常害羞的动物需要一段时间的社会化
  • 积极的狗狗将大大受益于一天的能量消耗.
  • 狗 who have been in the shelter a long time and would greatly benefit from additional promotion.

狗狗离开收容所参加收养活动或日/周末寄养, 这条狗必须能被收养, 卵巢切除或阉割, 保持健康(不要服用任何药物). 出门一天可以让狗狗们有机会更新它们的网页, 一个博客, 更多图片和视频. The dogs first to be considered for Day/Weekend 福斯特 will be dogs who have been here a while, 但一直没有机会得到这次额外的晋升.

如果您对日养或周末养感兴趣, please email the 福斯特 Coordinator by the end of the day on Tuesday with at least three dogs you would be interested in taking out. That will give APS Staff time to evaluate your choices and have one of your choices ready when you come to pick up.

You may let the 福斯特 Coordinator know later in the week that you’d like to Day/Weekend 福斯特, but the choices of dogs available to go will be limited to dogs who are already ready to go out. APS Management Staff must approve any dog leaving the shelter each time the dog leaves the shelter. We will only know which dogs are still available for adoption after 2pm on Saturdays. 如果寄养协调员知道你打算进行日/周末寄养, she will confirm with you which dog is available to go with you after 2pm on Saturdays. If you are picking up Saturday afternoon, please check in with the 福斯特 Coordinator first.

狗 are able to leave the adoption floor between 2pm on Saturdays and 10am on Mondays when we are closed to the public. 2022世界杯下注希望在2022世界杯下注的收养中心开放时,可以看到可收养的狗. Day/Weekend 福斯特 志愿者s are able to take their approved dog out for a few hours, 在一夜之间, 或者周六到周一这段时间的两晚. 在周六和周日,工作人员在下午4点离开避难所, 请计划在下午3:30前到达,来接你的寄养孩子. If you have your Day/Weekend 福斯特 after 4pm on these days, you must keep them 在一夜之间.